Everyday Dorie: Butternut Squash Hummus

I hate to say it, but I did not love this month’s selection for Cook the Book Fridays: Butternut Squash Hummus. It was bland, and nothing I did seemed to change that. More salt? No change. More lemon? No change. That’s basically where I ran out of ideas. HA!

Admittedly, I’d altered two things that could have caused the disappointment. I’m about half a year out from our next move, which is basically the time when I start looking at my closet, panicking about being a food hoarder, and refusing to add anything to my pantry that I can’t use up in the next six months. The internet told me that balsamic vinegar could be used to replace pomegranate molasses, so that is what I did. Having never tasted pomegranate molasses, I don’t know how things would have been different. Also, Dorie suggests topping the hummus with pomegranate seeds. The pomegranates in my supermarket were $4 each, and my cheapness won out. I do see how those little hits of refreshing juiciness might have livened things up, though.

I didn’t dislike this, but it’s been sitting in my fridge, unsnacked-upon, for nearly a week.



10 thoughts on “Everyday Dorie: Butternut Squash Hummus

  1. SAME, but without the moving part. I had pom molasses and it is similar in a way to balsamic vinegar, though with a far thicker texture. I couldn’t be bothered to go back out to the store for pom pistils, so just let it be. We didn’t like it either, and it has sat in the fridge untouched since we ate it. Ah well, there’ll be other great recipes from this book. Do you know where y’all might be going next?


    1. I’m so relieved! hahaha! I was like, “What have I done wroooooong?” lol

      We HOPE to be heading back up to the DC area. We have a house in the northern va suburbs, and our tenants are leaving this summer, so it would be the easiest transition. We shall see!


  2. I remember those days of anticipating a move. Both sad and happy. Excited and nervous. My reasoning wasn’t as sound but I just don’t want to buy ingredients that are going to sit around and not be used again so I went a different way with this recipe. Well, I didn’t really make THIS recipe. lol


  3. Another move! I don’t know how you do it. I am still stressed out from our last move three years ago 🙂

    I said it somewhere else, but sometimes the weeks that there are controversial recipes are my favorite. I think that by now, we all know what we like and don’t like and aren’t afraid to say it.


  4. This was a weird one. I don’t think having the exact ingredients would have helped. I also skipped the pom seeds. The pomegranates were expensive and hard. I used sesame seeds instead. I’m ready for the next recipe. You’re definitely becoming an expert mover. I’m scared of what will happen the next time I move. I am too entrenched where I am.


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