Everyday Dorie: Balsamic Vinegar and Mustard Brussels Sprouts

I straight up yelped and clapped my hands when the votes in Cook the Book Fridays revealed Maple Syrup and Mustard Brussels Sprouts to be November’s selection. I’m currently on Day 16 of my Whole 30 (and feeling fantastic! It’s such a great reset for when your Sugar Dragon takes over), and this was the only recipe of those selected to vote on that I could make Whole 30 compliant. Dorie suggests swapping out the maple syrup for balsamic vinegar, so that is what I did. Other than that, all I had to do was read some labels and buy bacon and mustard that did  not have sugar in them (they usually do. It’s in EVERYTHING.) I’ll be good to go with non-compliant recipes in the future. I’m just keeping it strict before Thanksgiving, because the way I was downing sweets, I would have taken down an entire pie by myself.

I love Brussels sprouts, though I’m always wary when cleaning them, because there are so often bugs and eggs tucked up in the first few layers. We grew Brussels sprouts when we lived in Italy, and the sight of entire plants wriggling with–I don’t know what. Aphids? But bigger, and white–and giant leaves drooping under the weight of eggs, turned me off of them for a while. I’m back at the point where I’ll buy them, but I always get anxious when I’m prepping them. Is there such a thing as PTSD for terrible gardeners?

These sprouts were, thankfully, bug-free, and DELICIOUS. You steam them, then brown them up in bacon grease, and glaze with mustard, balsamic, garlic, shallots, and bacon.

It’s going to be a few months of badly-lit food pics around here. It’s too dark in this house.

Nugget asked for seconds.

Batman whined that he doesn’t like Brussels Sprouts, then conceded that “the bites with bacon taste better.” I’d say that’s true for just about anything.

Matt, who got home from work waaaay late (sad face), said, “OH MY GOD. These are GOOD. I could eat a whole pan. Let’s have this again. SOON.” Just imagine if he’d had them fresh. ha!



7 thoughts on “Everyday Dorie: Balsamic Vinegar and Mustard Brussels Sprouts

  1. My sugar dragon is definitely on the loose these days. I love there’s a healthier take on this recipe – and so much flexibility to play around with it. Glad to see this was a winner at your place!


  2. First of all, yay for a whole 30 compliant recipe! You’re so right about the sugar in everything! Second of all, blech re the aphids. I’m that way with our CSA corn. there’s freaking worms all over inside the husks and, while I know this is a good thing–this sign of life, it grosses me out to no end. I actually ask my husband to shuck them because I just can’t stand it. Anywho, these look great and glad you enjoyed them!


  3. I recently rented an allotment and am getting anxious of having to deal with wriggling creatures! But am quite happy with my earthworm tower! I must say most of us enjoyed this newly improved Brussels sprouts dish! Love your kids’ verdict!


  4. I’m with Matt on this – I think I could eat a whole pan of these myself! Brussels sprouts are one of the vegetables I haven’t tried growing myself – sounds like I should leave it to the farmers. 🙂


  5. Love that your guys loved these although, lol I may have PTSD from reading your description of all the insects you’ve encountered with sprouts. Definitely true but also true that I’m glad I read your post after I made (and consumed….) my own sprouts. Once again bacon reigns supreme and of course fabulous to know the balsamic did a beautiful job too. I need to get on team less sugar….but man that maple syrup was delicious.


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