Back to the Beginning

When I started cooking Around My French Table, Gougeres were one of the first recipes I’d made. My kiddo, hereafter referred to as Batman, was a picky eater, but liked cheese, so I gave these “cheesy poofs,” as we came to call them, a shot. He loved them, and they became the thing I made for parties, or when traveling, or anytime I wanted a food available that I KNEW he’d eat.

So little and squishy!!  Note the flat gougere.

Funny enough, Gougeres were also the first recipe that the cooking club had made from AMFT.

Because it felt like a nice, full circle, we decided that My Newest Gougeres would be the first recipe we cooked from Everyday Dorie. There are a few tweaks–one less egg yolk, which Dorie says makes the puff sturdier, and the addition of toasted nuts and Dijon mustard.

I don’t know if it was because of that one missing yolk, or if I’m just a better baker/cook than I was in 2012, and executed these differently, but these poofs were crispier, and held their roundness more than the ones I’ve made in the past. They were toasty-cheesy delicious, and I loved them.



Because these were rounder and crispier, Batman wouldn’t eat them. He’s 8 now. Still hard to feed, though not as bad as he used to be. He said he wished they were softer.

It’s been a while since I made the old recipe for gougeres. I think I need to bring them out to play soon, just to make sure Batman still likes them. I might cry if he doesn’t, because they loom so large in his childhood. I’m really curious to see if that one egg yolk really made that big of a difference, or if the difference is me. Or something mysterious. Temperature? Humidity? The NEED to conduct a series of experiments seems like a pretty good reason to work cheesy poofs back into our normal lives. Ha! At least I know he’ll still eat Dorie’s cauliflower soup…

Less squishy. Still a sweetheart.

(Folks who follow me on instagram may see that I’m currently doing a Whole30, and be like, “Wait! Cheese and grain are off limits!” True. The leaders of the club kindly emailed me the recipe ahead of time, and I  made it last week, as a last hurrah.)

I’m so happy to be back with the Doristas, and working on this new book. Check out Cook the Book Fridays to see how everyone else’s gougeres turned out!


25 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

    1. You know, I didn’t actually compare. My memory had 5 whole eggs in the old version, but I could be wrong. Now I want to do a three-way bake-off. Really, there would be no losers. 🤣


  1. Its great to be cooking with you again! I do follow your adventures on Instagram and enjoy it and admire your fitness success! Sorry Batman didn’t care for these. Kids!


  2. The boys crack me up and they are SO big! That’s how we really know time has passed since our last cooking project.

    I think the sturdiness comes from the protein/less fat in the egg white. I really liked the crispier, dome-ier gougéres! Looking forward to seeing how you manage with the rest of the recipes while navigating the Whole30. I will be doing some tweaks to accommodate a lower sugar and less-refined carbs lifestyle during the ED run.


    1. I preferred this crispier version, too! So toasty and good! I was really glad to see that the Brussels sprouts were picked for next month, bc there’s an option to use balsamic instead of maple syrup. That was the only one of the proposed recipes I was going to be able to make work, so I hooted when I saw it slated for November. Hopefully these 30 days will help me regain control over my sweet tooth, and I’ll be good to go moving forward. I try to mostly eat paleo, with an occasional treat, but over the summer, things got away from me until I found myself diving headfirst into cartons of goldfish crackers and knew I needed to pump the brakes. 😁


  3. If it makes you feel any better , my youngest went through so many picky cycles growing up but is now a mostly adventurous eater. So keep the faith!
    Glad to see you on this journey (but have enjoyed following you on all your other ones)


    1. He really is willing to try more and willing to say he likes something he “shouldn’t”, after he tastes it, so I have hope, but he’s also very particular and wants things the way he wants them. High maintenance. 😂


  4. So glad you’re rejoining the band! I can’t remember the original gougeres because I think I only made them the once, but I did like these! I can’t believe how big Batman is. Hopefully he finds some new favorites to eat in this new book.


  5. Quite a nice last hurrah if you ask me! I really did think that last egg yolk made a difference but not enough to nix the whole recipe. I would probably add it back in the next time even if I did keep the mustard and nuts. And I wouldn’t keep the nuts either, but that just me. They didn’t stop me from eating just about all of these.


    1. I’ll take gougeres any way I can get them. The nuts were unnoticeable to me, but I do prefer how crusty these were vs my old (also delicious) ones.


  6. Aw! Batman is a cutie! Hopefully he will like the old version when you make them again. Whole30 is a great program! You will find lots of great recipes for that!


  7. A picky eater makes us work overtime. That’s part of the journey. I’m looking forward to cooking more delicious food with Dorie. I try to lessen the intake of grains and carbs too. Another balancing act that keeps us on our toes.


  8. Oh, “Batman” is so adorable (and of course 8 years later, you have a second amazingly adorable little one !!). In addition to these recipes I have so thoroughly enjoyed my Dorista’s family updates. Who had kids, who got married, pet taste testers, you name it. All thrown in the wonderful mix of testing a delicious recipe too. Love this community and the many memories I had over the years – including the restaurant by the Coliseum in Rome suggestions lol !!! I am VERY excited about the future 🙂


  9. Well, that’s a very nice last hurrah before a Whole 30, and really not that bad in the grand scheme of things, ya know? Anyway, YAY to seeing you here, Ei! and YAY to seeing your little one getting so big. Mine sure enjoyed the aroma of these gougères and she enjoyed her snack that day, though I could see her appreciating the cheese only ones more. You know,I hadn’t thought of it much, but I did have the same experience as you with the rounder/crisper aspects. Maybe that’s what Dorie meant by sturdier? Hmmm….perhaps I too shall experiment. A taste/texture test!


  10. I am thrilled that you are cooking and baking with us again. Only this time there is more than 50# less of you, isn’t that right? Kinda not the same, Eileen. I watched your unbelievable and amazing transformation. Congratulations. For some reason I had an easier and more successful time with the gougeres also. Not so simple in 2010. I agree that we are a bit more experienced and confident now. It’s going to be another great journey. Glad we’re together again.


  11. Oh my goodness! I loved the reminder of the “cheesey poofs”! I remember that!! It’s wonderful to be back together again cooking. And your gougeres look wonderful! Yay!


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